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"This is a project born of trust, connection, and friendship.Music is a connecting and empowering force"

Marin Alsop

Music Director & Executive Producer 


"Every image felt as if it was meant to be, and the music revealed itself as the true story-teller of See Me. One other guiding principles I followed, was to never let go of the intimacy of the music that we captured"

Bernadette Wegenstein

Film Director 


"The film is a collective endeavour to express our collective hope and profound collective faith in the power of music and poetry to weave emotional threads between us, however physically isolated we are."

Es Devlin

Creative Director 


"To me, See Me is a manifestation of the resilience and ingenuity of artists, the evidence of the power of a singular idea, however unlikely it might be, and a reminder of our universal need to belong."



Nico Daswani

Head of Arts & Culture

World Economic Forum

Executive Producer

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